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Nerdy stuff

Sometimes, I’ll be going to blog quite “Nerdy” stuff here (about the theory of computability, epistemology and stuff like that, (some examples below)). Sorry, I need that and sometimes have some kind of fit since I am a kind of nerd :-). If you are interested in that kind of thing, feel free to leave … Continue reading

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Being cross-cultural

To sharpen your “as-if-o-scope”, it certainly helps to be cross-cultural. In every culture, some things go without saying and grown-ups will normally not notice them or think of them, they become part of the background (but children often see them, take notice). Confronting yourself with other cultures and confronting people from other cultures with your … Continue reading

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Saving the World with a Time Machine

I am proud to welcome today my friend from outer space, Tsish the extraterestrial, as a guest blogger. Here is what he wants to tell us today (note that Tsish is using a translator that sometimes produces sub-optimal results): Thank you, Nannus, for the opportunity. I am just returning from a trip to another planet (let’s call … Continue reading