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Earth has been classified a “Failed Planet” by the HRWI


(Rebloged from the “Blog of Tsish”. Tsish is an extraterestial friend of mine from outer space.)

I have bad news for your people: Earth has been declared a “failed Planet”. I must confess that I was involved in this, since I am the observer who is currently watching your planet. My reports, sent to our research central, were passed on to “Human Rights Watch Interstellar” (HRWI), an independent interplanetary organisation preparing reports about the social and environmental situation on different planets throughout the galaxy. They regularly publish a “failed planet index” and, alas, Earth scored exceptionally low on that index, on the third but last position.

The report states that the main cause of the problems on your planet seems to be that transtemporal exploitation is legal there. This, according to the report, is connected to an economic system that “is based on the assumption that infinite growth is possible”, an ideology obviously incompatible with the first and second laws of thermodynamics.

When I told Nannus, my Terranean friend, about it, he had no idea what the term “transtemporal exploitation” means, so let me explain that one today. I will deal with economic growth (an interesting example of a planet-wide as if bubble (see my previous blog entry for what that is)) another time, and try to explain what is “transtemporal exploitation”.

Well, as you know, I am an alien from outer space not capable of speaking your language, so I am using a translator. Where a term in your language does not exist, the translator invents one that fits, so the term was coined by my translator. Let me explain the concept behind it.

I am sure you have an idea what is meant by exploitation. Every school kid should learn that in their ethics class (don’t tell me you don’t have that on your planet). When two groups of people (containing one or several individuals) interact and through this interaction, on group is gaining advantages while the other is getting disadvantages connected to this, that is exploitation. Transtemporal exploitation is exploitation where the exploited group lives at a later time than the exploiting group. This, of course, is considered a crime on most planets.

Obviously, this requires a time machine. In the simplest form, transtemporal exploitation consists of a money transfer from the future to the past. The exploiting group is extracting money from the future. The technology to build such monetary time machines capable of extracting money from the future in an unfair way is highly developed on your planet. Respect to those technicians! I have checked your people’s internet and found out that you Earthlings know these technologies by the term “Investment Banking”.

It is possible to become very rich using such a time machine. You switch it on and the money starts pouring in, money that you extract from the future.

The trouble with using this kind of technology is that any future has a natural tendency to turn into a present sooner or later. I understand that currently, you people have entered a time where you are at the other end of the connection created by those time machines. The money is being sucked away into the past to make past people rich. My earthling friend Nannus told me that this is called the “Financial Crisis”.

Of course, on most planets, this form of exploitation is considered a crime. The criminals are those who became rich, pocketing the money they extracted from the future. Now, on a planet with a well developed legal system, one should expect such people (if they are still alive) to be sued, convicted and their money confiscated. In this case, they made the mistake to extract money from a near future, so most of them are still alive. But on your planet. they are left alone, they are not even considered criminals. Sometimes, your way of thinking is hard to understand for an alien like myself. Those people are left alone and your governments (a.k.a. taxpayers) pay the bill. Your political and legal systems astonish me again and again…

However, this “Financial Crisis” is only a very small case of transtemporal exploitation, compared to the larger instances currently happening on your planet. The HRWI expects a very large environmental disaster over the next 100 years, causing a mass extinction and the death of several billion people. There is a high probability that “the technical civilization of the T-Planet” (that is Earth (ed.)) “is going to collapse over the next 100 central star circling periods” (years (ed.)). Bad prospects for you people. I am going to write more on the topic next time. I hope you will be back here.

I have to leave you now, I am approaching planet Mars and the navigation requires my attention.


3 thoughts on “Earth has been classified a “Failed Planet” by the HRWI

    • Hi Ricari, it looks like you have lost interest in the blogging world a bit (perfectly understandable since you now have different and maybe more important ways to occupy your time 🙂 ). Just wanted to inform you that I have written a new little Tsish-Adventure ( since it looks like you liked these 🙂 Hope everything is fine with your family, job and life in General. Regards, Nannus

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