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Recommended Book: A Voice from the Chorus

I am currently reading “A Voice from the Chorus” by Abram Tertz ( Andrey Sinyavsky). This is a blog-like book containing a series of scattered thoughts, notes and records the author wrote in letters from the Gulag, containing literary criticism, philosophy, observations of other prisoners, research on oral traditions from the caucasus and many other topics. I am reading the German edition, beautifully translated by the great translator, the late Swetlana Geier, but an English translation exists. If you like reading blogs, you might like reading this book.

4 thoughts on “Recommended Book: A Voice from the Chorus

  1. Reblogged this on The Asifoscope and commented:

    I am currently reading in “A Voice from the Chorus” again. A book immensely rich in thoughts and observations. Really on of my favorites.

    • Just buy it. This is something one can read in small snippets (in fact I have not yet read all of it and I am jumping around in the book, since there is no narative or continuous line of thougt.

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