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Walking slowly

File:Menschenmassen am Times Square.jpg

Coming from work, people pass me by with hurried steps.

I’m walking slowly.

They want to save time. Don’t want to waste it, ’cause the sofa is waiting.

I am walking slowly. Thinking, singing, whistling, feeling my movements, watching, enjoying. There is no hurry. If I don’t reach that train, it was not mine anyway.

Just watching the flow of my thoughts, I am walking slowly, as people pass me by.

(The picture is from

8 thoughts on “Walking slowly

    • My idea is that there is a lot. The idea of having no time (so that you have to save time) is an as-if construction. the point is how you fill it and how you use it. Hurrying is a waste of time (in my view). If I walk comfortably slow and use the time to think about something, I use it better. And I hate to be in a rush.

    • That is what I am doing at the moment. Too tired to post anything today. I also have to do a lot of work for my studies currently. Thanks for the “like”, that was the only one today 🙂

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