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Earth on the “Interstellar Axis of Evil”


(Rebloged (slightly modified) from the “Blog of Tsish”. Tsish is an extraterestial friend of mine from outer space. Original version published in 2009).

Back again from behind Mars, and my virtual space ship is once again connected to the living room of my friend from Earth, Nannus (look at my previous article “Dangerous as-if-foam has been spotted on earth!” to find out how that works). From my space ship’s command center there is a spiral stair case into his living room. The connection is good enough for his W-Lan router’s signal to reach my ships computer and the other way around.

While on the back side of Mars, I received another message from the interstellar research centre. Looks like I have brought you people into trouble again, at least some of you. Remember what I wrote about transtemporal exploitation (see” Earth has been classified a “Failed Planet” by the HRWI“)? It’s exploitation between groups separated by time. Now those people from HRWI (Human Rights Watch Interstellar) have filed an application to the Interstellar Department of Prosecution against you people, at least against the powerful and rich ones. They accuse you for transtemporal mass murder. They are basing their application on the reports I have been sending home (see Hereditary privileges in today’s global society).

You all know what mass murder is. Nannus told me about some guys from your planet who where responsible for the killing of millions, people like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and King Leopold II of Belgium, to name just a few of the worst.

The crime you Earthlings are accused of now is larger by an order of 10, 100 or 1000 (estimates vary) compared to those. The problem is, if Earth develops the way I explained in one of my previous articles, it is very likely that not millions but billions of people are going to die. Since your everyday economic activities are causing this, you are now not only accused of transtemporal exploitation but also of transtemporal mass murder.

It is not yet clear who exactly will be brought to trial since different people are involved in the crime to a different degree. The current suggestion is that the amount of money somebody earns is a good measure of how much they contribute to the crime. Also, top politicians and parliamentarians who are in the position of changing the course of events and don’t do so should not be astonished to find themselves in front of a court.

The interstellar department of prosecution might appoint somebody to sue your top politicians and billionaires at the international court in the Hague. There are some legal problems to be solved first (the lawsuit for the mass killing will be held before the victims have been killed, in some cases even before they have been born) but the HRWI-people are determined to find a solution. They are planning to involve top lawyers. Contributions from law students and professors are welcome. They are planning to prove scientifically that a lot of people are going to die prematurely and that the accused people are to be blamed for this. The goal is to establish transtemporal exploitation and transtemporal murder as accepted parts of the international legal system of your planet.

Now your planet has been declared part of the interstellar axis of evil, with a bunch of criminals ruling it. Sorry I was involved in this. I just transmitted some materials published by your own people on your own internet, and it got into the hands of those activists.

I just received a message that the HRWI people are even looking for members on your planet. Your biological basis does not matter. Any human being, no matter if you have a biological or technological basis, no matter if you are natural or artificial, genetically modified or not, cyborg, carbon-organic, silicon-organic, electronic or electron mechanic or pure software, is welcome, if you support the goals of the organisation.

Mars is now getting smaller in my rear window and there is a long way to go towards earth. Spaceflight is so boring, like prison. Who ever thought it was fascinating? (Myself, when I was a child – a fine mess I have made of that!). Let me climb that spiral stair case down to the cosy living room and join Nannus for a drink and a talk.

Regards, Tsish

7 thoughts on “Earth on the “Interstellar Axis of Evil”

  1. “I imagine Johnny Mathis hates Bin Laden as much as I do, but could Johnny agree Bin Laden had a better speechwriter than Bush? “Axis of Evil”? Come on. “A swimmer in the ocean does not fear the rain” is much more powerful propaganda. Poetic, even.”
    ― John Waters

    • Tsish replies: “Some Astronomers on your planet have spotted a strange phenomenon they call the “Cosmic Axis of Evil” (see, for example I am sorry, I am responsible for this term, my article just went into the wrong files by accident, and somebody misunderstood it. I know I am violating the “no intervention directive” by publishing on your internet, but it is hard to resist.
      Somehow, the speechwriter of bush must have read about that and must have liked the term….
      Bush, of course, is high up on the HRWIs list, especially due to his and his family’s close connections to the oil industry.” 😉

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