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Creationists to be sued for blasphemy

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(Rebloged from the “Blog of Tsish”. Tsish is an extraterestial friend of mine from outer space. Look for Tsish’s other contributions in my blog and my ABOUT page. First published April 2009)

Looks like I have brought you earthlings into trouble once again, at least some of you. As an extraterrestrial, I should not have mixed into the affairs of your planet. But now the damage is done and it is too late.

There are some strange religious groups out there on some planets. I just went for a little trip around the sun for recreation. When I came back into earth orbit and checked my mail, I learned that one of these groups is planning to sue some of you for blasphemy. They believe in what the call the Perfect Divinity. They found out that in some of your states, it is possible to sue somebody for blasphemy (I am responsible for this because I am providing the reports on your planet to the interstellar world, sorry).

They believe that Divinity is infinitely smart and created the universe in a smart way. Only a stupid god, according to this view, would have created the laws of physics in a way that life and intelligence could not spring up automatically from those laws. Why should Divinity have created a universe that is sterile and uncreative if a creative physics is possible in which life and intelligence would appear automatically?

That simply would have been bad engineering. So the people they want to sue, among others, are the creationists on your planet.

In the view of the Perfect Divinity people, the creationists reduce Divinity to the status of a tinkerer who creates an imperfect cosmos and then has to tediously populate it with organisms one by one. That is pure blasphemy, according to their view. They even state that Divinity would not have created a specific set of laws of physics but a more general mechanism that would have created those special laws of physics in different universes automatically. So they don’t agree with those of you who think there are two possibilities, either there is a god or there is a multiverse. In their view, assuming the existence of a god logically leads to the idea of a multiverse and of evolution.

Also, people who believe that god intervenes in their lives all the time and who pray to him asking for such intervention should be careful. According to the Perfect Divinity religion, they are equipped already with all the help they can expect (an intelligent brain, hands, eyes, language, community, culture etc.) so they should better take responsibility for their lives and solve their problems themselves. Asking for more help from Divinity would be an insult to The Creator and would also imply that the creation is not perfect, since in a perfect creation, intervention would not be necessary. So any idea of intervention, including creationism, is seen as blasphemy by them.

Not that I share their beliefs. But the people who advocate creationism and intelligent design better make sure those blasphemy paragraphs are quickly taken out of their law books. They still have time, because due to the long time necessary for interstellar space flight, it will take some time before the Perfect Divinity people arrive here. Just wanted to give you a warning.

Regards, Tsish

10 thoughts on “Creationists to be sued for blasphemy

    • Well, my extraterrestrial friend Tsish and I disagree about this. I intended it to be funny, but he meant it quite serious, saying it has a very serious background. It is up to you what to think about it.

  1. By its very nature, religion relies on logical fallacy for “proof” of its validity. It’s amusing at best and downright evil at worst.

    “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction”

  2. This is indeed quite funny and I agree with you.
    It amounts to blasphemy to claim a god exists and that this god coauthored the OT by divine fiat and later on killed himself for our good!

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