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Just to leave a track today on my blog…

When I was small, I discovered the joys of classification. I cannot remember this myself, but my mother told me about it. Typical utterances from me would start with “There are different kinds of…”.

For example, on a walk with my mother in winter, I reportedly developed a theory of tracks in the snow: “There are different kinds of tracks: human tracks, sledge tracks, bird tracks, dog tracks, bike tracks, car tracks”.

Reading about Aristotle, I had to think about this. He was also a classifier, distinguishing the different types of all kinds of things. I imagine the little Aristotle: “There are different kinds of animals…”. That was the seed of his philosophy. His distinction of matter (hyle) and form (morphe) may have started with a footprint of little Aristotle in the mud.

On a walk through the park today, I saw the tracks again, human tracks, bird tracks, dog tracks, rabbit tracks. There it was; the seed of my own thinking.

Now the snow is thawing and the tracks are turning into little puddles of water. Tomorrow they will have disappeared without a trace.

4 thoughts on “Tracks

    • Yes, they have left their traces (or tracks) in my memory. “Impression” is the right word here, something that is im-pressed.

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