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American Nations

From my European point of view, America seems to be extremely inconsistent. After reading Colin Woodard’s Book “American Nations – A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America” (see http://colinwoodard.com/americannations.html) I have a much better understanding of it. This book, in a way, decodes America. Woodard points out that there are several very different cultures in America, each with a different history, a different set of values and a different interpretation of what America and American values are.

I really recommend this book to everybody – both inside America and beyond – who  seeks a better understanding of the USA and Canada and their political and cultural landscape.

8 thoughts on “American Nations

  1. A good friend of mine moved to New York a few years ago and says that the country is one big mix of every other country in the world. It’s complex and interesting but for some reason they have alot of xenophobia, maybe it’s go to do with all those terrorist attacks.

  2. The book looks intriguing. However from a Canadian point of view, it looks like it is pointing out the obvious. I am curious on what the author sees as Canada.Canadians are highly aware of our regional differences and the segmentation of American society.. We are, unfortunately, only now confronting our failure to understand the First Nations that cover the entire country. That awareness is due to the Idle No More movement that has recently drawn media attention. What it is revealing is our true ignorance of our history and the racist attitude that such ignorance breeds.

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