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Some notes on books

Books are like doors in a house with many rooms. Taking up a book and opening it means taking a risk. You don’t know what lies behind the door. You don’t know what will happen to you if you go through the door. A good book has the potential to change you (the same is true for blog articles). But it is worth taking the risk.

The Author Stanislaw Lem once said (in a TV talk show) that there are basically two types of books, those that contain feelings and those that contain ideas.

The books with feelings tend to be fiction (although there are exceptions) and the books with ideas tend to be non-fiction (there are exceptions as well). There are also hybrids.

I have noticed that I am less and less interested in fiction and more and more in essays and similar non-fiction forms (there are exceptions here as well). This might be due to the traits of my personality or to my increasing age ore both.

Occasionally, I put a book recommendation into my blog (https://asifoscope.org/category/recommended-books/). Some are books I find important, others are books I just like. I always like to read book recommendations on other people’s blogs, so let your fellow bloggers know what are your favorite books.

4 thoughts on “Some notes on books

  1. I think I love books more than any other ‘thing’ in my life. I’ve got hundreds of them and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. They give me comfort and happiness.

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  3. Rewards follow reading risks! I enjoy fiction based on the author’s storytelling ability.

    I love non fiction about nature or essays on a specific plant.

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