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“And so on and …

“And so on and so on and so on … should that, in the end, be the world formula searched for by physicists?” Albrecht Fabri (“Und so weiter und so weiter und so weiter… Sollte am Ende das die von Physikern gesuchte Weltformel sein?)” Also see (for the source of this picture see ) Continue reading

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Walking inside

Thinking means discovering yourself, going around new corners into the unknown inside yourself. Each new thought is a new piece you add to yourself. There are no fixed structures beforehand, no fixed rules. You may go sideways into the wilderness anytime. Dare to go. You create new paths by going them. You split the paths … Continue reading

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Why I am opposed to atomic energy (and fossil fuels as well)

(Inside of a liquitd waste tank at Hanford site, see Many people think nuclear energy should be extended to replace power stations based on burning fossil fuels in order to reduce the release of greenhouse gasses. Many others are opposed to nuclear energy because they fear the dangers of accidents like those of Chernobyl and … Continue reading

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Over time, I have noticed that I am increasingly interested in essays and similar forms of literature, as well as in poems, while my interest in novels and fiction has decrease (with a few exceptions). One of my favorite texts is the Hojoki, a Japanese autobiographic text written by  Kamo no Chōmei ( 1153 or 1155–1216). ( You … Continue reading