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I have just started a new blog for more “technical” philosophical articles. As a start, I am happy to announce there the publication yesterday of Dr. Kurt Ammon’s most recent paper.
I will generally reblog articles from that blog here or at least publish links to articles I publish there.

While I am blogging quite regularly on The Asifoscope and use it as a personal blog containing a wide range of topics, my new blog “Creativistic Philosophy” is reserved for more sincere philosophical and scientific articles. I will publish there only occasionally.

Creativistic Philosophy

Dr. Kurt Ammon has just published his most recent paper on creative systems on the internet. You can find it on

I consider this to be an epoch-making paper.

Basically, the paper contains a proof showing that and in which sense Church’s thesis is wrong. Church’s thesis is a hypothesis that states that every computable function is recursive. In essence this means that every computable function can be described by an algorithm or a finite formal theory. This is often understood to mean that every computer program is an algorithm. Ammon’s paper shows that this is not so. There are programs that are not algorithms and that can develop out of the scope of validity of any given formal theory, computing functions that are not turing-computable. So the generally held assumptions that computable equals turing-computable and that algorithm equals program are wrong.

You can contact Dr. Kurt Ammon on

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