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15 thoughts on “In the Cellar

  1. I am sure this is not meant too literally but I am immediately in our storage cellar.
    I have many dreams which start in one of the three rooms that went off our Laundry and there are hidden doors taking me in parallel worlds…
    For those of you who do not know, I grew up in the same house as Nannus actually…

    • Well, I was thinking more of a wine cellar. But, yes, some of the “wine” here is actually that old … for children, that was a magical and dangerous place…I am also sometimes there in my dreams, and in the attic as well…and in hidden rooms… …

  2. The important thing is that you’re airing them out. Studies show that penned up emotions movitated by anger, hurt, &c. are contributors to certain diseases such as cancer.
    Bravo! Be nice!! AHA!!

    • It referred to my blog in general. There are a lot of topics, ideas and thoughts I had been thinking about for a long time and some of them had matured, like an old wine…

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