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Through the Eyes of my Grandfather

I am too tired today to write anything interesting. This was not a bad day, but an exhausting one.

When I was small,  my grandfather, Rolf Keller, who was a graphic artist, made this picture of me while I was sleeping. That day had probably been an exhausting day either, but not a bad one.


Good night to everybody!

9 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of my Grandfather

    • I am working as a programmer and we have a “dead line” soon and still a lot of stuff to do, so I am working overtime. It is like that from time to time.

  1. Love the teddy bear floating off the edge of the bed as if it was dreaming too. Wonderful that the drawing stayed preserved – cared for.

    • I have unfortunately lost that teddy bear. I still had it when my daughter was born. Of course she took it and I could not stop her. Then, on a walk through the park, she was behind me and she lost it. We walked back but could not find it, probably somebody had found and taken it. Anyway, the memory is there.
      We still have a lot of drawings from my greandfather, most of them are with my mother. I am planning to really work through that inheritance and I might post some of these things, maybe on a separate blog. I will see. I also want to make better images, here I just put it on my scanner, it is under glass, so the picture quality is not that good.

      • At least the bear is making somebody else happy. Look forward to the other drawings. Picture quality is okay for the computer. I just find that the computer screen is not really conducive for in depth viewing of artworks anyway. One gets the idea and that’s good enough?

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  3. Reblogged this on The Kellerdoscope and commented:

    This post, from glast February, shows a drawing (with me as a model 🙂 ) made by my grandfather, Rolf Keller, in 1964. This is an example of the kind of art I will be posting here.

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