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“Other Worldly” – By Anita DeSoto


This is a picture by Anita DeSoto, a painter from New Zealand and a friend of mine and especially of my sister, who is living there. Anita allowed me to post this picture here.

I don’t know what Anita’s ideas where when she painted this, but for me it fits to my concept of “As-If-Bubbles” (see especially my “Tsish-articles” on this topic) and could serve as an illustration to my post Thank you, Anita.

5 thoughts on ““Other Worldly” – By Anita DeSoto

  1. Some explanations: one topic of this blog is “as-if-constructions”, that is fictions that make up a lot of our lives and cultures. Hence the name “As-if-o-scope”. An as-if-bubble is a metaphor for this concept. Inside such a bubble, objects “exist” or have properties that do not exist or have those properties outside.
    Inside her as-if-bubble, that woman might perceive herself as beautiful (or ugly).

  2. I’m not sure I like this. It is ‘as if’ the painting or concept could’ve been taken further? I think I like the woman with her hand in a bubble the best.

    • It is not my favorite style of art either, but it just fitted conceptually (by coincidence).

      Personally I like some types of abstract art most, but I find some of Anita’s works very interesting (see the link my sister has posted), but it is, of course, a matter of taste.

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