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Icy Stream – River Elbe in Winter

On river Elbe, ice was drifting, sheets of floating ice. The sun was cutting through the haze, the drifting seagulls casting shadows, and the crows. Crystals of hoarfrost where coating the willow twigs and the tide was piling up the ice onto the sandy beach. There, under the ice, is the summer, the mud, the mussels, the summer’s gentle waves. Now, only the cutting winds are blowing, the cold cutting winds…

The opposite shore

was fog-hidden, I believed

this was the sea-shore

6 thoughts on “Icy Stream – River Elbe in Winter

    • The English Haiku is not an exact translation, “Eismeer” is the icy sea. But in the context, that English Haiku is all right.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Asifoscope and commented:

    A post from last winter (which was quite cold). So far, this winter was relatively mild, above 0°C most of the time (I am talking Europe here) , but maybe the really cold days will come in February.

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