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Walking inside

File:Niederaußem Waldweg.JPG

Thinking means discovering yourself, going around new corners into the unknown inside yourself.

Each new thought is a new piece you add to yourself. There are no fixed structures beforehand, no fixed rules. You may go sideways into the wilderness anytime. Dare to go. You create new paths by going them. You split the paths and you merge them again. You create the structure on the fly while you are using it.

By interacting with others, with things and with yourself, you gain new pieces and new experiences that will then bud into new rooms, new paths, new clearances to step into and explore.

You have more properties than are described by any preexisting knowledge about you, more than you know yourself, and by thinking, you explore and unfold those unknown parts. You make the implicit explicit. You grow.

But do not put up fences or walls. Tear them down.

(the picture is from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Niederau%C3%9Fem_Waldweg.JPG. This is an area near Cologne where I sometimes go bikeriding.)

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