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Some thoughts about myself

Today I want to write something about myself. There is a test called the “AQ-Test“, the “Autism-Spectrum Quotient” test. If you search for “AQ Test” on the internet, you are going to find it. It consists of 50 statements where you can tick one of “definitely agree”, “slightly agree”, “slightly disagree” or “definitely disagree”. If … Continue reading

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Two meanings of “Quality”

The word “quality” can be used to mean quite different things. I want to explore here a distinction between two uses of the word that are connected but are actually quite opposed to each other. In large organizations like companies and authorities, there is nowadays a lot of discussion about “quality management” and “quality assurance”. … Continue reading

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I like hand-made things and I like textile art. Besides my interest in abstract art, one reason for this is probably that my sister Christine Keller, now living and working in New Zealand, is a textile designer and weaver. Since I like abstract art with partially irregular forms, the textiles that especially appeal to my taste … Continue reading