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Shards of those sunken

And darkened days of my past,

Lost days that have vanished,

Like old bark, fragmented

By fresh, younger growth,

Sometimes, all of a sudden,

I find such a fragment

Like a dancing speckle of sunlight

On the dark forest floor,

A splinter of faded days long forgotten,

Like a flake of old withered paint,

Scaled off from a wall,

But where it belonged

I don’t know.

(The picture is from

2 thoughts on “Bark

    • I don’t feel that the past haunts. The poem is about some early childhood memories for which I don’t have the context. But these memories are not unpleasant, they are connected with a feeling of fascination. Basically, I had a nice childhood.
      Of course if you read a poem written by somebody else, you will interpret it on the basis of your own experiences, and that yields a valid interpretation. A good poem will allow for a multitude of different interpretations and none of them is the right one.

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