as if / Poetry


Under the flat stone

Warmed by the strengthening sun

Wood lice start to crawl

(picture from

I wonder if anybody ever before made a poem about would lice. They are actually beautiful and interesting animals. Why are we used to look at such animals as something disgusting? Another as-if-construction to step out of 🙂 !)

8 thoughts on “Spring

  1. There’s a book i read years ago, The History of the World in Ten Chapters. Chapter one is told by a wood worm inside Noahs Ark. It was quite funny if i recall….

  2. Some of the most beautiful creatures live in the insect world. I don’t look upon such creatures with disgust but I do become quite annoyed with any that decide they’d like to share my living space.

    Unlike me, they have free run of their entire world outside my abode. But can they be satisfied with that? On no. There’s just something irresistible about my space.

    Ah well. I suppose turnabout is fair play.

  3. Reblogged this on The Asifoscope and commented:

    Several wees ago, when the weather was warm for a few days, I had thought that spring had come, and I had made a little poem. Now spring is there and I have to give the little wood louse a second chance. I have actually seen one today. 🙂

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