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Walking in the Rain

People say that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothes, and sometimes my mother is saying: “If you go outside, you’ll have twice as much fine weather”.

The weather is cool and rainy now, but I followed her advice and took a nice walk around Fühlinger See. There is a lot of beauty you will only see in the rain. There is less disturbance by people, so it is good for thinking. The idea of “bad weather” is another as-if-construction to be left behind.

Now I am back home. I often have my best ideas sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee. It is like a mental process of distilling and fermenting (a fer-mental process, so to speak 🙂 ). The end results of these processes are going to be seen on these pages as soon as they are ready

My feet are still cold

Dishwasher’s whispering tune

A mug of coffee

(the picture is from

3 thoughts on “Walking in the Rain

  1. Nice 🙂 I wrote this haiku a few days ago about the beauty of rain and how many seem to instinctively avoid it, but is it instinctive or is it conditioned? Rain in temperate climate regions gets a bad press, but it lifts my Celtic spirit 🙂

    Soft and gentle rain,
    Plants sweet kisses on my face –
    Many turn away.

    • Thanks for sharing this here! 🙂 I think the “bad press” of rain is undeserved and I think to a large extend it is culturally conditioned.

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