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An article about the connection of aesthetics, information theory, and creative systems, on my philosophy blog.

Creativistic Philosophy

Think of a monochrome picture, let’s say a white one. It can be completely described with a very small amount of information. You may say: 512 x 512 pixels of white (or any other color that can be described with a few numbers of any color coding system).

That you can describe such a picture with a few words means that it contains very little information. If you think of it as a file in your computer’s file system, it may be compressed into a very small file. Its information content is small. In the mathematical theory called “information theory”, this information content is called “entropy”. It is a measure for the amount of information needed to describe the data or a measure for the amount of disorder in it.

In the following picture, there are rounded edges and a white frame and this adds to the amount of information necessary to describe it…

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