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Family Culture

Here is one of the performances of Lima-Lima, a Kom dance group here in Germany:

There are some more recordings of them on YouTube.

People to be seen in this recording include my wife, my brother in law (one of the dancers) and other family members and friends. So this is part of the very diverse culture of my international family. Unfortunately, I missed this meeting.

Kom is a small Kingdom in Cameroon, near Bamenda, The Kom people in Germany meet regularly and the performances of the masked dancers of Lima-Lima, based in Stuttgart, are always the high point of the evening. This recording was taken during one of the Kom Germany meetings. The next meeting will be this coming Saturday in Berlin.

A couple of years ago, we arranged for my brother in law to come to Stuttgart to study and he then brought some friends later to study there as well. Then they started this dancing group. So I am partially responsible for the existence of this group in Germany.

These masks, which are not worn in front of the face but on top of the head are typical for Kom and neighboring areas like Oku.

5 thoughts on “Family Culture

  1. I am proud to be part of this Whanau (Te Reo Maori word for Family group) I do have whanau in New Zealand and in Cameroon, Germany, USA, Turkey, Canada, Liberia, Eritrea and while I am way too far away, I love to be part of this network!

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