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I have published an article about Kurt Ammon’s theory of creativity on my philosophy blog. In a nutshell, Ammon defines creativity as the ability to get out of every formal scheme of thinking. This approach has interesting consequences for epistemology. It means there are no fixed laws of thinking.

Creativistic Philosophy

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In his theory of creativity, Dr., Kurt Ammon has defined creativity as the ability of a system to calculate functions that are not “Turing-computable”.

What does this strange definition of creativity mean?

“Turing-computable” means that you can write a program to calculate a function in a very simple programming language called “Turing machines”. Such programs are called algorithms. Functions that can be calculated by Turing machines are called “Turing-computable”. For several decades, most computer scientists believed that anything that can be calculated by a machine can be expressed as a Turing machine. However, some people did not share this view. One of them is Kurt Ammon.

Ammon is a mathematician. When doing mathematical proofs, he noticed that there is no general method by which you can calculate the proof for a given mathematical statement (or “theorem” in mathematics jargon). This and other activities in mathematics require creativity. You have…

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