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April 4th

I don’t feel like writing anything today so as a little greeting to you let me just point you to an old April 1st article written a couple of years ago.

I should have done this on April 1st, but you probably noted that April Fools Day was moved to April 4th this year (no kidding!), that  is the reason for the delay. Long time follower’s of this blog will know this article already and can skip it (sorry, nothing new today, I want to read today instead of writing), it is basically an instruction of how to build an as-if-o-scope, a kind of device I have found to be useful:


To learn more about Tsish, who wrote that article, look at https://asifoscope.org/category/tsish/ and my About page.

It is very important to own an as-if-o-scope. For example, this time of the year is full of strange as-ifs. We pretend the clock has shifted by one hour. They call that daylight saving time. Can you save daylight? In German this strange as-if-construction is called “Sommerzeit” which literally translates as “summer time”. So we have winter in spring, and summer time has started. As a result, we have to get up one hour earlier (that is not as-if but harsh reality). Then there is this story they tell the children about a big bunny bringing eggs, but the eggs are not eggs but sweets, and there are other stories connected to this time of the year.  A crazy time of the year, not only with regard to the weather. Have your asifoscope ready!

Sorry folks, next time I will write something more sincere. For today, let me just return to my book. 🙂

3 thoughts on “April 4th

  1. Hey Nannus! I was so alert for April’s fools jokes on the 1st and let my guard down on the 4th, I got caught good and solid! Hope your well?

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