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Information Storage Capacity and Creativity

I have added another article about the theory of creative systems to my philosophy blog. This article is a little bit more technical. The basic idea is that if information storage capacity of a system is increased, qualitatively new phenomena can arise in the system.

Creativistic Philosophy


In my previous article, I have introduced some aspects of the theory of creativity developed by Kurt Ammon. In this article, I am going to develop these thoughts a bit further.

Kurt Ammon provided a mathematical proof showing the possibility of computer programs to develop out of the scope of any given formal theory about them. I viewed these formal theories as boxes and the creative process as a process of “thinking out of the box”.

The mathematical proof given by Ammon assumes an unlimited amount of memory. This is the kind of assumption you will always meet in mathematics. In reality, however, you always have a limited amount of memory.

The idea of this article is that while that limited memory of real computers also means there is some “box”, you can always add more memory and thus leave that box.

Any real computer has only a…

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