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What is inspiration? Read on my philosophy blog about the role of inspiration in the context of the theory of creative systems.

Creativistic Philosophy

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In „Thinking out of the Box“ I have written about the concept of creative systems. Today, I want to point out another interesting aspect of creative systems. In that article, I wrote:

Since what the program will do depends on previous inputs, not only on the initial program, such a program has a “history” or a “biography” when it runs and develops.

The aspect of having a history or a “biography” will be the topic of another article. In this article, I want to concentrate instead on the role of the “previous inputs” that play a role in the development of the system.

If the development of a program only depends on its initial state, each step in this development can be predicted.  Such a program can be described completely by a formal theory. It is an algorithm. However, a creative system will incorporate information from its inputs…

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