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File:Nebel in der Region Rhön 01386.jpg

One of those long days when there is not much energy left in the evening. Many ideas but their shapes are blurred like trees in the fog. Today is not the day. Good night to everybody.

Ideas are fading

Tiredness absorbs my mind

No energy left

(The picture is from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nebel_in_der_Region_Rh%C3%B6n_01386.jpg.)

8 thoughts on “Blurred

    • Yes, it is. Not my own, though (found it on Wikimedia Commons).
      This kind of foggy weather tends to be a bit cold and wet, but I love it.

  1. It is not really fair. If I write a long philosophical essay, containing my deepest thoughts, I will get maybe three likes for 3 hours of work. If I write a little poem with three lines of text, saying I am too tired for writing a long philosophical essay with my deepest thoughts, and add a nice picture, I get loads of likes and new followers. 🙂
    I hope that does not mean that people are relieved they don’t have to work through another long essay 😉
    No chance, I will still write those essays. 🙂

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