History / Philosophy

Notes on Historism and Creativistic Philosophy

I have added an article on my philosophy blog, containing some notes on Schelling, Dilthey and Gödel in relationship to the theory of creative systems.

Creativistic Philosophy

Reading some texts about philosophy, I found the following citations that I find interesting in the context of creativistic philosophy. This is not (yet) the result of any systematic research of the literature; these are rather the first strokes of a sketch of such a research, of a project to go through the legacy works of the philosophical tradition for thoughts that go into a similar direction. At the moment, these are chance finds stumbled upon while reading some secondary literature about different aspects of philosophy. This blog article should not be regarded as a finished philosophical article. It is rather a research note, an excerpt from my note books.

Translations into English are by myself since I do not have English editions at hand (there might be better translations available and there might be established translations of German philosophical terminology that I am not aware of, but I hope…

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