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Saving the World with a Time Machine

A reblog of an old article as my contribution to Earth Day.

The Asifoscope


I am proud to welcome today my friend from outer space, Tsish the extraterestrial, as a guest blogger. Here is what he wants to tell us today (note that Tsish is using a translator that sometimes produces sub-optimal results):

Thank you, Nannus, for the opportunity. I am just returning from a trip to another planet (let’s call it the M-Planet since the real name is not pronounceable for you people) that I also have to observe. What they are doing there is really interesting and I suppose it is relevant for you to learn about it.

As you might know, I am an interstellar observer and it is my duty to observe several planets with younger civilizations, including your own. On the M-Planet, they used to have problems very similar to yours here on the T-Planet (Earth. Ed.). However, they came up with an interesting solution: they built a time…

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