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Active Information

A new article investigating a key feature of creativity, the ability to activate information, thereby changing the way your thinking works, on my philosophy blog.

Creativistic Philosophy

If you look at your computer (I take this term in the wider sense, including “smart phones” and similar devices) you may notice that there are two types of information on it. One is data, that is information being processed, and the other one is programs, i.e. information describing what should happen with other information. This includes apps, applications or the operating system.

There are programs for which other programs are data. For example, an app developer might use one program (an editor) to write the program code of a new app. He might use another program (a compiler) to translate this program code into the machine instructions that can run on the machine. The machine code is then stored in another program (the server program of the app store) and downloaded to your device using another program again (the client software for the app store). All these programs treat…

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