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Sermons must be repeated from time to time. When I last preached this one, I had only a few followers, so many of you may not have seen it yet 🙂

The Asifoscope

You might ask how I, a non-believer, can give a sermon. Well, you have a point, but I’ll do it anyway. I believe that believing is the original sin, so I don’t believe. That will not stop me from preaching here.

The topic of this sermon is: should you pray for help? Some people, when faced with a problem, pray for help. Some even believe that the god they are praying to must help them if they only pray hard enough (and if they are still not successful, witchcraft or the devil must have been involved). The idea seems to be related to that of a vending machine: throw in a coin and out pops a bar of chocolate. Or bribe somebody and he has to do what you want. Pray really hard and god must help you.

If there is no god, that idea is silly. If there is…

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