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Widening the Horizon

To reflect means to enter a meta-level. We look at things from a greater height and the horizon widens. We can now discern the structures of our thoughts without being immersed in them. We can see from here what we cannot see on the ground. From this perspective, we reach a new understanding of structures … Continue reading

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Power and Creativity

The human mind and human societies can be viewed as programmable systems. The way we think, i.e. process information, can be influenced by other information we absorb or create, so the rules or laws that act upon the information we perceive consist to a great deal of information perceived before or after. As a result, … Continue reading

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Torture in the US?

According to a report in “New Scientist”, a weapon has been developed that is non-lethal and does not cause severe injury, but can be used to inflict unbearable pain, see Pain ray: The US military’s new agony beam weapon – health – 16 May 2013 – New Scientist. The weapon produces a ray of short wavelength … Continue reading