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Jupiter II

File:PIA04866 modest.jpg

I hereby declare the planet Jupiter a piece of art!

In doing so, I am tying in with the art traditions of the found object (ready-made, objet trouvé), of conceptual art and of abstract art.

However, I don’t claim ownership of Jupiter. Instead, I give it to the public domain, with the only condition that no person or organization must ever claim any type of material or intellectual property right, ownership, patent or whatever type of claim restricting the rights of others concerning it.

Jupiter is an object that has been part of everyday life since antique times. The Sumerians knew it already and probably it was already known in stone age times. The Sumerians used it in astrology, which, by the standards of their time, was a scientific theory, although it has been refuted since then. It has also been used as a tool by modern civilization (by space scientists using it to accelerate some spacecraft in “slingshot maneuvers”). It plays a role in many aspects of traditional culture, science, film and literature (including my own piece Jupiter). I take this object as a found object (ready-made) and declare it to be a piece of art.

Since Jupiter is very beautiful, as the pictures show, I am also tying in with the traditions of abstract art and especially abstract photography and abstract film, as illustrated below by public domain examples.

Jupiter may be viewed as a dynamic aesthetic process that, in combination with space craft cameras or telescopes, can create a stream of beautiful items of abstract photography or abstract film. In this way, Jupiter can be viewed as a beauty-generation system, deserving a prime status as a piece of art!

Some examples:

Clouds and storms on Jupiter:

File:Jupiter from Voyager 1.jpg

More storms and clouds:

File:Jupiter 3rd spot.jpg

The Aurora of Jupiter, viewed in UV light:


Movements of clouds on Jupiter:

Radio waves emitted by Jupiter, transformed into sounds, that can be considered as music:

Pictures are from,,

11 thoughts on “Jupiter II

    • Thank you.
      I think it is impossible to define once and for all what art is because for any concept of art, something can be invented and declared art that was not covered by the previous theory or definition (this is simply an instance of the basic human capacity of creativity, which I define as the ability to get out of any previous frame of restrictions). One could consider art as that which is considered art by a group of people, a community. I consider your comment and the “likes” I have received already as the formation of such a community. 🙂

      • After a discussion with an art-history teacher I once had some thoughts about: ‘What is Art’. I ended up with this: ‘Something’ is Art when a human individual declares it to be Art. That solved the problem to have to define borders for ‘Art’; which in itself should always try to go beyond borders. Which is possible with your definition of creativity. So, if you pick up the ‘ready made’ (! liked it) Jupiter and declare it a piece of art, then so it will be. Then it’s for me to judge whether I think it’s a good or bad piece of art. And I think Jupiter is a great piece of art! And your Jupiter=Art-declaration is also quite fresh in Art-land. So, that’s why I support this idea as a free, independent spirit and I would like to resign from the community. 🙂

        • I agree with you! The term “community” has a possible connotation of restricting freedom, which is definitely not what I intend. I am thinking of free people who each think and do what they think is right.
          If you would define art by a community that prescribes what is to be acceptable as art, you would end up with ideology and kitsch.
          The “group of people” may be a single individual (the artist). However, I am happy to get some support :-).

  1. In our religion we believe strongly in the ‘effects’ Jupiter has on ones life, it is one of the most dominant planets to us.

    • According to some information I find in the web, the plane Jupiter is associated to the god Brihaspati who, among other things, is the good of learning. Back to the topic :-)…

    • It is really extraordinarily beautiful. Orbiting Jupiter would, however, be unhealthy because the strong magnetic field creates a high level of radiation (by accelerating solar wind particles). So sending unmanned cameras there is the better option. But I think it should really be done for aesthetic purposes, not only for scientific purposes.

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