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Randomness and Control

Not all properties of artifacts are under the control of the people creating them. Some properties are planned by the designer and controlled in the process of production, but there is a rest of “natural” properties. In a previous article, I have called this the “residuum”. In that article, I was referring to the incompleteness … Continue reading


Black nuts (Schwarze Nüsse)

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
Christmas in Cameroon is rather different from Christmas in Germany. There, it is mostly a Christian holiday. People go to mass. In the night, they might go to a party. All the things that have become connected to Christmas here (gifts, cake etc.) including all the commercialization, are virtually absent.…

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The Philosophy of Cars

Regular readers of my blog may have notice that there are some recurring topics, especially the concepts of creativity, incompleteness, and as-if-constructions. What do I mean by these terms, and how are they connected? A lot of philosophy is very abstract and, as a result, hard to understand. Normally, things become easier to understand when … Continue reading