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I have not been posting much lately. One reason is that the weather has finally turned warmer and sunnier, so I spend more of my evenings now going for walks or bike-riding, for fun and for health reasons. This evening, I went bike-riding along the Rhine and through some parks. The evening was quite warm and many people where out on the streets and in the street cafes. Not an evening to be spent indoors. There are lots of parks and green areas in and around Cologne (including the “Gremberger Wäldchen” you can see on the picture, where I have also passed today. The advantage for you is that on such trips, riding along forest paths or back streets, I have time to think and develop ideas and thoughts, some of which will finally end up on this blog.

Another reason is that the vegetable patch is giving me more work now. The weeds are growing faster than the vegetables, threatening to overgrow them, so I have to spend some time weeding. However, I was able to harvest some spinach and the first small red garden radishes this week. The time spend on the vegetable patch is also a good time to think and thus eventually an advantage to you.

A third reason is that I have to devote some time to my studies. This, however, is providing me with new stuff to think about, so that you will finally benefit from this activity as well. So don’t worry if you don’t see my blog contributions as often as you did in the winter. I am working on them nevertheless in one way or the other.

Maybe the best poems and the best essays are written in winter. Maybe there is a yearly cycle like in gardening. Thoughts are sown in spring, nurtured and watered during summer, to finally get ripe in autumn. They are harvested in late autumn and then cooked, distilled, seasoned and finally served in winter, when, equipped with a hot cup of tee or a glass of red wine and sitting in a comfortable and warm place, we finally serve them to our audiences.

Through spring and summer

Thoughts will ripen and mature

For autumn’s harvest

In summer, on the other hand, the diet served contains more low calories stuff like salads and fresh vegetables, although, of course, some hearty dishes will be served every now and then. However, even the fresh vegetables might sometimes be quite spicy in their own way.


(The pictures are from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gremberger-W%C3%A4ldchen-K%C3%B6ln-Lichtung.JPG?uselang=de

and http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Radish.jpg?uselang=de)

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