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Under the Zinc Roof

File:Rain season in Mayotte (2851351872).jpg

At the end of the week, I feel tired and I am sure I am not the only one. Some of you might go out tonight, but I don’t have energy left for that. My thoughts are drifting to Africa, in the rainy season. When it is raining, it can be quite loud under a roof of corrugated iron, but somehow, that sound makes a wonderful background for sleeping, once you get used to it. Good night to everybody, whether at home or on the dance floor.

The whispering voices

And susurrus-splashes of drops

Whooshing tunes on the zinc roof

Soon gently enwrap us

Then drops of tiredness

Are flooding the mind,

Let us drift

Through the half-zone

Towards colorful rainbows

(The picture is from

6 thoughts on “Under the Zinc Roof

    • I was once in Cameroon at the beginning of the rain season and experienced it there. It did not rain much most of the time, but we had some heavier rain at times.

      • Ah, we don’t get the monsoonal rains (not down in the south of Qld at least) but many houses used to have corrugated iron roofs which “sing” during the big summer storms.

  1. Am at the bottom end of Africa, live under a zinc roof. Wonderful feeling of being sheltered from heavy rainfall. Love a (zinc) roof over my head.

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