Black nuts (Schwarze Nüsse)

I have just restarted the process of making “Black Nuts”. On the weekend, I harvested unripe walnuts, pierced them and put them in water (to be changed twice daily for two weeks). The process is described in the article I have written in January, after my trip to Cameroon.
The nuts are a bit small this year, probably due to the cold weather in spring, but I don’t want to risk waiting longer. Sooner or later, the woody shell will be forming inside and then it is too late to take them. I am not sure if this process is controlled by the size of the nut. Some processes in plants are controlled by day length, so the shells might form even if the nuts are small.
If you are living on the northern hemisphere and there are walnut trees you know where you could get some nuts, now is the time to try. If you look for “Schwarze Nüsse” on the internet, you may also find pictures and more descriptions of the process (probably mostly in German).

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Christmas in Cameroon is rather different from Christmas in Germany. There, it is mostly a Christian holiday. People go to mass. In the night, they might go to a party. All the things that have become connected to Christmas here (gifts, cake etc.) including all the commercialization, are virtually absent.

To an extent, I was missing some of the specifically German Christmas atmosphere. To compensate for it, I am eating one of the black nuts I prepared last summer. Black nuts are a specialty from one part of Germany called “Pfalz”. All the aromas that people here associate with this time of the year (cinnamon etc.) are inside. Absolutely “lecker” (delicious). How did I do it? Let me share the secret with you.

I harvested unripe walnuts around June 20th (if you know a walnut tree on the southern hemisphere, add 6 months). At this time, the woody shell of…

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2 thoughts on “Black nuts (Schwarze Nüsse)

  1. Hello friends
    I am on the southern hemisphere and I did harvest my nuts at Christmas to pickle them. Here in New Zealand they also have pickled walnuts in a salty/sour version but I tried the recipe Nannus has given us and it is delich…
    i am flying to Christchurch today to sing Verdi’s Requiem with the NZSinfonia. this post is very timely as I will now go to the pantry and grab a glass of black nuts for my friend in Christchurch. onThursday we will be singing in Dunedin

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