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Looking at other people’s blogs I am sometimes astonished about how different we all are. And I am sure many people would find my own blog absolutely weird. I would have thought initially that the people who become my followers would be like me or have similar interest, but you people are an astonishingly diverse mix. There are some who seem to be a bit similar to me, but there are others who are completely different. I like that! Diversity is one of the inevitable consequences of creativity and creativity is one of my favorite topics.  🙂

It is funny how things that are the main content of life for some people don’t mean anything for some others, and vice versa. Some people’s lives revolve around football (or another kind of sports), around fashion/makeup/outfit, books, cooking, computer games, flowers and gardens, horses, painting, dogs, god and church, rock music, weapons, carnival, dinosaurs, motorbikes, you name it…

I am an acarnivalist (despite living in Cologne), afootballist, afashionist, acomputergameist, adogist, atheist, agunist and amany-other-thingsist. However, these things are not defining qualities of me since they describe what I am not. If you ask me to describe myself, I will hardly answer “Oh, I am an afootballist”. That game is just not part of my life. If you are a “footballist”, you’ll have to turn somewhere else; sorry I cannot contribute anything there. Or another example: I know many of you have dogs and love them, but I hope to be forgiven that I don’t understand dogs so well.

Positively, I like thinking (about a diverse range of topics), reading, writing, bike riding, going for walks, growing vegetables, looking at abstract art, observing protozoans through a microscope and a couple of other things. Some of the stuff I like might not mean anything to you and I might not be interested in some stuff that is terribly important for you, but I am happy you are following my blog anyway. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. Glad you’re happy! What came to my mind, when I read your story, was: I’m an almost a-tennis-ist. But I once liked a Tsjech player called Miloslav Mecir. He had great, subtle, technical skills and with that, he could beat the power hard hitters that weren’t able to produce a beautiful, unexpected shot. He once won a tournament (I think the Olympic tennis gold in 1988); and the next day there was a picture in the paper, showing a celebrating Mecir with loads of banknotes hanging out of his pockets, as if he wanted to show the world that it was not about the money for him. So, it’s also possible to be on the same wavelength with someone who does something completely different than you are doing in the outside world.

    • Of course reality is more complex than this. But I think that is the case with all descriptions of human affairs, they are incomplete or simplified or vague (the reason is human creativity).
      I got fed up with tennis a long time ago. There was a time when I liked it. I think it was interesting as long as I did not know it well. After some time, I started finding it boring.
      I keep being interested in things like music and arts, maybe because here, the rules are changing, in a way. In most sports, on the other hand, there is a fixed set of rules.

      • I totally agree with your remark about the incompleteness of all attempts to describe human affairs. And sports are way more boring than music or art. For me because sports is not about meaning; but about physical skills.

    • Thanks. That is a South African painter I found when looking for a good picture to this post. He seems to have put some pictures into wikimedia commons to get known and obviously, that is working. Some of his stuff resembles Miró a little bit.

  2. I too am very enthusiastic about the people following my blog and the idea that the one thing we all have in common is each other. Continuing this thought, I don’t always understand what they do but I am really delighted that they do it.

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