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Recommended book: The Cyberiad

In a TV talk show (I think a program called “3 nach 9” in one German TV-Channel (Radiao Bremen (?)) in the late 1970s or early 1980s (I don’t remember), Lem said that there are two types of books, those that contain feelings and those that contain ideas.
Personally, I am more inclined to the books containing ideas, and Lem was one of the masters in this direction, writing some sparklingly intelligent books, mixing fiction with philosophy.

The Asifoscope

One of my favorite authors is Stanislaw Lem. One of my favorite books of him (and one of my favorite books in general) is “The Cyberiad”. Look here for a sample from that book (“How the world was saved”) explaining the real reason why the night sky is so empty: I am not sure this is really science fiction, certainly not in the normal sense of the word, but in a deeper sense, it might be the only type of fiction that really deserves that term.

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Stanislaw Lem

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One thought on “Recommended book: The Cyberiad

  1. One of his stories that I am most familiar with is the “washing machine tragedy”.
    In the marketing world it is not enough for the machine to just wash, it starts to dry and fold and read stories to the children. The whole race between two companies to create the more desirable machine, the machines become more and more independent and actually capable to do all the things which humans would normally do. in the end it becomes clear that people have become redundant and actually the narrator and all other people in the story are (most probably, one cannot be certain) washing machines themselves.
    Living in New Zealand, I just learned that the here produced washing machines can apparently beep the National anthem of New Zealand if you press the water-level and -temperature buttons in a special (almost secret) sequence. It makes me worry as this is the beginning !!! (!) Now machines are not made here any longer as there are more nifty machines “off shore” that can build the machines for us and we need not to pay so many people for making them any longer…
    I have been made redundant too recently and I am not alone. Some days I feel the competition with my washing machine pressing though…

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