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We should not think of creativity as some special fixed part of the mind, some special “organ”. Instead, it is the property of the mind to have no fixed form.

The human mind has the capability to move out of any fixed scheme. We can reprogram ourselves. Any aspect of the mind can change in this process, including those structures that cause this very change. At any given moment, there is a certain  form of our mental processes, but we can develop out of it, so there is no fixed form if we look at the entirety of mental processes. We cannot give a complete description. It is this flexibility that enables us to adapt to new conditions and to understand arbitrary subjects. Any fixed form would instead result in limitations.

Since there is no fixed form or system in these processes, there is no guarantee we will be successful. Changing ourselves, our perceptions, our thinking processes as well as our communication therefore entails the risks of errors and misunderstandings. But these are risks worth taking. To avoid the risks completely would mean to restrict our possibilities. What distinguishes very creative from less creative individuals might not be the presence or absence of this general potential to change. It might just be boldness.

Let’s be bold!

(The picture is from

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7 thoughts on “Formlessness

    • Thank you,
      It is always a bit difficult to find a picture that can symbolize an abstract idea. It does not fit completely (water follows some unchanging physical laws, while the mind is “reprogrammable”, so it is even more flexible since its laws and rules can change), but as a visual symbol it is the best I could find. And I really like the texture of this picture. Water can be very complex.

      • what a great response! I agree, that weird contradictory ‘complex/simple’ is one of water’s fascinations, sky too has this. Endless reflection, repetition and variation, like a mantra
        and for painting inspiration there is nothing better, except maybe sunlight on grass, or rain on the mountain, or wind in the trees……

        • I agree.
          By the way, if you look at that image more closely you might notice that it probably has been manipulated. There are repetitive structures that seem implausible for a natural image (hence the title “pattern water”). But it is well done. It has a mix of regularity and irregularity that makes it beautiful. I did not notice this when I selected it.
          If I think about it, I come to the conclusion that in a way, this picture fits the article even better than I thought: The ultimate reason for the formlessness of the mind is its re-programmability: the laws and rules by which it is working can be changed. This picture shows water that does not behave according to the laws of physics alone, but that has been reprogrammed a bit.

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