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File:Image gaussian noise example.png


There is noise

Leisure disappears

Bellies fill with junk food

The air fills up with drones

Streets are jammed up with cars

Our time is filled with dates and meetings

Silence is filling with beeps and rings and calls

Every bit of bandwidth is occupied by some channel

Economic growth will find every opportunity to exploit

Our houses are filled with more and more trash we don’t need

Our time is a resource that can be filled with products and services

Any silence is a business opportunity to put something into your ears

An empty space is something that can be filled up with something to see

I take my time

File:The Silent.jpg

(The pictures are from and

2 thoughts on “Growth

  1. Strong text-image; total unity with the content. This reminds me of a Nat-Geo-Wild TV programme about the enormous wildebeest migrations in Africa. Blindly driven by instinct
    the herd jumps into a river where crocks slaughter as much wildebeest as they can. Natures way. The camera pans upwards and hundreds of 4-wheel drives enter the screen with lots of people trying to capture as much of the attraction as the can.
    Enjoy your time in silent places.

    • Yes, like the gnus and zebras jumping into the water…

      When I was young, there was no halloween in Germany. Now it is. It is business for the sweets industry, for cosmetics and cloths producers, toy producers etc. And the people actually take it, although it is a totally artificial consumerist thing. I am astonished how much (and actually how little, in terms of quality) many people are willing to accept.
      There is more and more stuff on all channels (with channel, I mean the whole auditive and visual world). The limit is white noise (see the first picture above).
      We really have to take our time (back). It is our time.

      See also

      Another related article is Cultures that grow destroy or assimilate those that don’t grow as quickly. As a result, attitudes reinforcing growth become dominant. The result is consumerism.

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