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“Reality always has more properties than are derivable from any of our theories about it.”

That was the first sentence of the first article on this blog, published on November 18th 2012. On the 365th day since then, the evening before this blog’s first anniversary, I am taking a look back.

During this year, that first sentence has been expanded into a number of articles on the interconnected topics of creativity, incompleteness, as-if-constructions, aesthetics and some other topics connected to this complex of thoughts. Bit by bit, the ideas behind and around that sentence are taking shape on this blog and its spin-off, Creativistic Philosophy. This is still work in progress, even in that first article, there are some loose ends left that I have not had the time to follow up. In any case, it has been an exciting intellectual journey for me and, I hope, for some of you as well. It has helped me to clarify my thoughts and the feedback I have received has provoked many new ideas. I am looking forward to continuing in that direction.

There are some other topics and threads of thoughts that have appeared on these pages, like music, Africa, dance, poetry, as well as a number of others, like, for example, topics connected to environmental problems (recently branched off into another blog, Embassy of the Future, that is still in its infancy).

It was fun to write from the perspective of my alien friend Tsish as well and I hope he will appear here again sometimes. This is something that, like writing poetry, I cannot force. I am not predominantly a poet or a fiction writer. Many of my poems are actually just philosophical thoughts in the disguise of poetry (although there are a few exceptions) and the fictional articles are more or less also philosophical. From time to time, an idea for such a piece will come by itself, sprouting out of some line of thoughts I am working on. These texts are unexpected fruits, not planned, and they come up only from time to time.

Mainly I am just writing about things I am interested in myself, but I hope that most of the time what I am writing is interesting for some of you as well. When I started writing, one year ago, I did not know who would ever be reading that stuff. Some of my early articles where not written with any reader in mind, they were more or less just notes for myself. I think I succeeded in improving my style and approach to writing by learning to write in a way that makes it possible for other people to understand what I am writing about (at least I hope so :-)). An advantage of this is that it forces me to achieve a higher degree of clarity of my thoughts. This blog is probably still a strange one, and always will be, but the word “strange” might sometimes translate into “interesting” (again, I hope so :-)).

What also made this year a great experience was that it brought me into contact with a lot of interesting people (you), among them painters and other artists, photographers, poets, philosophers, eccentrics, musicians, fathers, mothers, teachers, students, secretaries, travelers, gardeners, scientists, young and old and many other kinds of people, from all over the world. Thanks to all of you, and I am looking forward to the next year! Meeting all of you, even if we only meet online, is great! This is something I did not foresee when I started. I had raw versions or at least visions of the ideas that I wanted to write about and that indeed bit by bit then started filling the pages of this blog, but I could not have predicted all the discussions, the feedback, and the new views, ideas and perspectives that resulted from this feedback. More than one article has grown out of comments I had made to other people’s articles. What I had not thought of when I started was that blogging is a social medium. I had thought of it as some kind of notebook or diary. But by writing here, I have become a member of a community (or a set of several partially overlapping communities) of nice and interesting people. Being a rather introvert and not very communicative person, I had not anticipated this. My theory of blogging had been very incomplete indeed.

But, well, reality always has more properties than are derivable from any of our theories about it. 🙂

(The picture is from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:GGB_reflection_in_raindrops.jpg?uselang=de. It is the picture I selected as a background picture one year ago. I take it as symbolizing partial, incomplete and distorted views of a reality which as a whole cannot be grasped completely, or only in a fuzzy, out of focus way. See also my comment on https://asifoscope.org/2013/10/11/change-of-seasons/).

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    • Thank you, and I am looking forward to more of your fantastic photographies (I hope you will not give up on that) 🙂

    • Thank you. I have to be thankful instead for inspirations you provided and especially for hints to books that would have slipped my attention otherwise.

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