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How to Stop Burning Fossil Fuels

Embassy of the Future


If future people had a time machine through which they could buy things from us and send us money for it, what would they buy?

One option would be: coal, petroleum and natural gas. By burning fossil fuels, we are damaging the planet, putting future people into trouble. So if they could, people of the future would have every reason to buy up the stuff to stop us from using it. As a result, the prices for fossil fuels would rise until burning them would become uneconomic.

So, let’s just do it and sell them our fossil fuels (including the mining rights and drilling rights for those fuels that are still underground. Our bad luck is that our planet has so much of the stuff. If we sell it away and thus make it artificially scarce, our energy production systems would automatically be developed into a more sustainable direction. So…

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