Portrait of an Old Woman

The Kellerdoscope


A drawing (charcoal and pencil, on paper) made by Rolf Keller and dated “Hamburg, 10. Nov. 45”. Between the date and the signature, you can see Rolf Keller’s logo, a combination of the numbers 2 and 4, referring to the year 1924 when he started his business as a graphics artist and became self-employed. Most of his works from 1924 on carry this sign, except for some sketches. I don’t know what caused the brown stain in the lower left corner, maybe tea or coffee.

The person depicted in this portrait is Rolf Keller’s mother in law, Henriette Dorothea Danker-Hoff, née Hoff, (1871 to 1954), a working-class woman born in the town of Celle and living in Hamburg in later years. Her daughter Margarethe (“Grete”) Danker was Rolf Keller’s wife and my father’s mother, so she is one of my great-grandmothers.

The context of this drawing, showing in the expression…

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  1. ….The drawing is showing his mother in law Henriette Dorothea Danker-Hoff. L. K.  

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