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RAW Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf Monochrome

Two more posts on The Kellerdoscope.

The Kellerdoscope


This is the second watercolor painting Svend Keller made of the RAW Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf factory. Unlike the first one in the previouns post, this one is a monochrome in shades of brown. It was painted in 1949.

I like these two paintings a lot, and not just because the artist is my father. In my view, these two paintings show that industrial landscapes can be quite beautiful, although they may be seen as instances of what I have described in my article The Dark Side of Beauty.

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3 thoughts on “RAW Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf Monochrome

    • I was in Hamburg over the weekend and took a file with some stuff along to sort, register and scan them. I had had this file before and remembered these industrial landscapes. I can try to make good color copies of them and send them to you. I really find them remarkable. It is really a pity that our father never took up painting again. However, there is some more stuff of him here as well as from Rolf Keller.
      There are some portrait drawings of Rudi Gruner here, made by our father. I think you have two of Brunne’s paintings (the scene in the Schlosspark and the flute players). Can you make fotographs of those and send them to me? I would like to post them together with those portraits.

      • Yes I have those paintings and would be very interested in maybe getting the portraits too?
        wecan sort that out in summer…

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