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Christine Keller: Light Content

The Kellerdoscope

Some photographs of my sister Christine’s “Light Content”, a series of stunning textile art. This is something that is difficult to show on photographs, but one can get an idea. I hope she will exhibit these works somewhere again so more people can see this. I am reblogging these pictures from

These textiles contain some light reflecting fibers. From certain angles and without extra lighting, you hardly see these.

But if you shine light on the fabric and look at it from the right angle, the light shines back and the hidden picture becomes visible.

The weaving was done on a computer controlled loom and the reflecting fibers are woven into pictures derived from photographs. The rest of the fabric is is dyed in natural colors.

The pictures are normally invisible or hardly visible, but shine brightly if you shine light against the piece, so it is reactive…

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3 thoughts on “Christine Keller: Light Content

  1. thanks for that!
    The threads are not exactly light conducting but reflecting. So if you shine a light at them, this will reflect directly back to you…

      • Mostly cotton but also some Polyester. i took threads that did have the right colour, not worrying about the material too much 🙂

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