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Two Drawings Showing Rudi Gruner

The Kellerdoscope


These two drawings, made by Svend Keller on November 11th, 1948, show the painter, graphic artist and book illustrator Rudi Gruner (1909 – 1984).


Gruner belongs to the “lost generation” (in German: “verschollene Generation”) of artists born around 1900 who are less well known because the Nazi time and World War II interfered with their artistic careers and the reception of their works.

Svend Keller at this time did an apprenticeship as a graphic artists with his father, Rolf Keller. I am not sure about the technique he used here. The drawings seem to be made with pencils and some kind of crayons.

Gruner was born in Chemnitz and belonged to the group of artists of Chemnitz that also included Rolf Keller and Svend Keller.

One of my sisters possesses two paintings of Gruner and I hope I will soon be able to present them here.

There is some information…

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