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The Petrified Forest

The Kellerdoscope

petrified forrest

A drawing of the petrified trees from the petrified forest of Chemnitz, made by Svend Keller, dated third and fourth of April, 1949 (click on the image to view an enlarged version). Mixed media on paperboard, ca. 17,2 cm x 24,2 cm (ca. 6,8′ x 9,5′). I am not sure about the media used, probably watercolor with opaque white and charcoal.

The trees were standing in front of the Museum of Natural History of Chemnitz. Fitting the subtitle of this blog, this drawing/painting looks a bit like an abstract. The tree trunks could also be abstract sculptures although they are natural objects.

The petrified forrest of Chemnitz, found in Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf, consists of tree trunks burried in a pyroclastic stream of volcanic ashes during the Permian, about 291 million years ago. Silicic acid washed out of the ashes by rain entered the wood and petrified it. Chemnitz is one of a number…

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3 thoughts on “The Petrified Forest

  1. Funny you should know that? I never knew there was one in Chemnitz, actually there are only three in Europe, the others being in Greece and the UK. There happen to be two also in Australasia, one of them in Curio bay which is two hours drive or so from wehre I live. It is on an ocean beach where you see the trees lying down and you walk over them… you can find an image of a log on this wiki site.

    • And in New Zealand you have living tree ferns!

      I think there are some sites with petrified trees in the Americas, in Asia and in Africa as well, but I am not an expert on this. Funny there is one not so far from where you live.

      • Indeed we have living tree ferns!!!
        We call them punga and I always wanted one in my garden but really I do not have space for it…

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