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Limits of Complete, Exact Descriptions

Creativistic Philosophy

A complete, exact description of an object is one from which all properties of the object can be reconstructed. If the object is information, e.g. a text, a data structure, an image or sound file etc., this means that the original data structure can be reconstructed from the description.

If the description is shorter than what is described, the described data must necessarily contain some regularity, order or repetition. The description is then a compression of the original data. The compression is possible because of the order. A completely unordered, random data object cannot be compressed.

If you have some channel through which you receive the information (e.g. a music stream from the internet), you might have a complete description of the signal coming through that channel (e.g. you know every detail of the music coming through the channel). You can then use this description to predict the signal. The…

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