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The Swan’s Nest

The Kellerdoscope


A pencil sketch by Rolf Keller, 21 x 29 cm (about 8.3” x 11.4”). The inscription reads:

“Das Schwanennest

Hbg. 10. Aprill 33

von Oma Dankers Balkonzimmer aus in der Lorzingstraße. Die Motorboote der Wasserschutzpolizei wurden von den brütenden Schwänen mit Elan angegriffen!”

(The swan’s nest. Hbg. [Hamburg] 10th April 33 seen from Grandma Danker’s balcony room in Lorzingstr. The motor boats of the water police where attacked by the breeding swans with vigor!)

This drawing may have its artistic shortcomings (e.g. there might be something wrong in the proportions, for example, that truck appears rather small, although it might just be a small delivery van). I think it is just a quick, coarse sketch and Rolf Keller did not invest too much time or effort into it, but I find it historically interesting.

“Grandma Danker” was Rolf Keller’s mother in law. That he calls her “Oma” (grandma) here…

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